We are Not Just Us:

This Is A Call To Action For All Of Us To Come Together And Recognise That The World Belongs To Every Living Being As Much As It Does To Us And Our Children. We Must Broaden The 'we' Paradigm Beyond Ourselves, Families, Communities, Cultures, And Countries To Include All Forms Of Life! And To Accept And Understand That Humans Are Just One Of The 8.7 Billion Species That Call This Planet Their Own.

We Are The Children Of Yesterday

Clean Up Your Mess. This Is What We Teach Our Children With Great Responsibility And Authority. Yeah Right! Let Us Also Do It. Where Do We Begin? Environment, Food System, Resource Depletion, Wildlife Conservation...phew! The List Is Endless.

We, Who Will Make It Better

But Hey! Let's At Least Begin, As Even With Small Steps We Will Reach Our Goal Someday. So Why Not Do Something That Looks After You And Your Surroundings As Well? 1ness Will Work With You To Neutralise Damage And Healthify You And Nature.